antique-close-up-decoration-532420Hate will never stop, jealousy will always live, negativity will always grow, and nobody will truly know. What everyone needs to understand is that nobody has a perfect life. Envy will get you nowhere. Hating on others will only hurt you. Negativity will portray life in a bad light. Nobody will truly know what is going on with you. Try to find love in the things you hate. Ask yourself why you hate them, seeing as hate is a very heavy word. Try to be happy for others instead of envious. Try to be optimistic in a time where all you see are negatives. Try to focus on yourself, rather then wasting your time trying to figure out others’ lives. Trust me, life would be so much easier if we just loved each other rather than hurt one another.



The greatest title of all is not King or Queen, but Mother. Almost two years ago I was given the best gift I could ever ask for- the gift of life. I carried life for 9 months and I brought my baby into this world with the blessing of God. If I could, I would do it a million times over. When I first got pregnant I remember feeling scared, anxious, happy, excited, and a million more emotions that I could never put into words. I am honored to have been the vessel to bring my son into this world. God chose me and I am forever in His debt. Being a mom is a constant learning experience- from learning how to change diapers, to finding certain tricks to make him sleep easier. In the beginning, I had to search up everything when I wasn’t sure what to do, and if he got sick I would immediately take him to the doctor. Now, my baby is 1 year and 4 months and I’m calmer and handling everything easier! It’s all a learning experience, but I’m still learning new things every day! It’s such a beautiful journey. For all the mothers out there, come to understand what is important in life and what isn’t. Your child needs you and needs to have the best version of you. I am the best version of myself because of my son, I am his role model. He’s my lifeline and the embodiment of my heart.

Strength and Positivity

action-figure-hero-muscles-4048I always get asked, “How are you so strong and positive?” My response always varies but relatively it’s the same message. I think every being has strength but some don’t need to use it. The people who have to use their strength and own it are the ones who have been hurt before or put through difficult times. Every person has their own struggles and battles, but it’s how you handle them that really matters. I think addressing whatever it is you’re going through and acknowledging it is how to be strong. Don’t avoid things. Face them head on. I am strong because of the things that have gone on in my life. I’ve learned from them and I pray they don’t happen again. Being strong can be very hard at times but never forget who you are and how amazing of a human you are. Always look at the positives in your life. Now, why am I so positive? I’ll tell you. I used to be such a negative person. All I saw- for the most part- were the bad things in my life. I was so pessimistic. But I changed for the better and now I make it my goal to be happier every day. What really made me so positive was telling myself that no matter what happens, everything has beauty. Even if something is bad or negative, I always look for the beauty in it. If I’m having a bad day, I look at the positive things that happened and I let them outweigh all the negatives. Why should I get bothered by things when life is so short to be bothered by anything? I would much rather enjoy being on this beautiful earth than ever let a negative thought run through my mind again. Being strong and positive is a choice. Choose to be happy. No matter what comes your way, always choose happiness.

My Son


“You are the embodiment of my heart, I never knew love could flow through every part. You carry a light that only a painter would dream to capture your art. Where do I start? I’ll start by saying every moment of every second I think of you, ever since I laid  my eyes on you, my life changed drastic hues, no matter what happens there is nothing we can’t get through. I hope I will be the only one you turn to, when you get sad i’ll be the one to hand you a tissue. The moment I held that small little body I knew; that every piece of my heart belongs to you. Never forget mommy loves you, our love will always be true.”-J.V.