Mental Health


I believe that the key to becoming better mentally is realizing and becoming aware of what it is that is unhealthy. Not many people are aware of how important mental health is. I will start by saying this, a couple years back I was mentally unhealthy. I was not at all happy with who I was and how I looked. From that, I developed an eating disorder. Some people will say eating disorders aren’t real but they truly are. That was my lowest point mentally. I remember feeling so empty and unimportant. I never knew caring for my mind would actually help. Little did I know that once I tried being healthier and once I regained the positivity and love within myself it truly changed my life. Keep in mind medicine cannot fix this, it has to come from within. The way I did it was I ate healthier, I started working out, surrounding my self with people who made me happy and loved every inch of my body and soul. The biggest thing is to identify the problem within yourself and the problem with your mindset and fix it as best as you can and become better for it. Because we all have imperfections, negativity, problems, and countless other things that weigh us down. You just have to be there to pick yourself back up because life is too short to think about negative things that will eventually lead to an unhealthy state of mind. If anyone reading this struggles with mental health, I’m telling you to take the first step. Start to plan for the future, take care of your body, love your flaws, and do whatever it is that makes you happy and blissful. With this first step you will start to see the huge effect it has on your mentality and how much of an improvement it will make with your mental health. Your mind is the key to everything so please take care of it and make sure it is healthy for your own sake.

Strength and Positivity

action-figure-hero-muscles-4048I always get asked, “How are you so strong and positive?” My response always varies but relatively it’s the same message. I think every being has strength but some don’t need to use it. The people who have to use their strength and own it are the ones who have been hurt before or put through difficult times. Every person has their own struggles and battles, but it’s how you handle them that really matters. I think addressing whatever it is you’re going through and acknowledging it is how to be strong. Don’t avoid things. Face them head on. I am strong because of the things that have gone on in my life. I’ve learned from them and I pray they don’t happen again. Being strong can be very hard at times but never forget who you are and how amazing of a human you are. Always look at the positives in your life. Now, why am I so positive? I’ll tell you. I used to be such a negative person. All I saw- for the most part- were the bad things in my life. I was so pessimistic. But I changed for the better and now I make it my goal to be happier every day. What really made me so positive was telling myself that no matter what happens, everything has beauty. Even if something is bad or negative, I always look for the beauty in it. If I’m having a bad day, I look at the positive things that happened and I let them outweigh all the negatives. Why should I get bothered by things when life is so short to be bothered by anything? I would much rather enjoy being on this beautiful earth than ever let a negative thought run through my mind again. Being strong and positive is a choice. Choose to be happy. No matter what comes your way, always choose happiness.