alphabets-cubes-letters-1148572Do you believe love exists in a partner? There are so many different types of love but the love I want to speak on is the type shared between you and a significant other. Love is complex. It’s not the typical ‘I love you and you love me’. I can love anyone and receive the same thing back. The key is how to make that love eternal and unique. So many people fall in love but it’s harder to stay in love. Love is just a feeling. The word ‘Love’ is so misused in this day in age, and it creates conflict between true lovers. Instead of understanding and loving the right way, love is twisted to be taught in a way where it is sure to break. The love you seek should be deeper than the surface. Rather than loving the outside and small fragments of the inside, love the mind. Whoever you decide to love, make that love unique. Because if love can be so easily replaced then it won’t mean a thing and someone else can offer the same love you received. I would rather give love than receive it, because if I receive it wrong I won’t want it at all. In order for love to remain strong and everlasting you must keep loving the person you fell for, and remind yourself the things you love about them. Once you get comfortable and you both just love each other then there forms a kind of bond that is more so friendly than it should be. Never get too comfortable, always remind yourself the reasons you love that person. Build and keep building. Do not build a home and never remodel its insides or update it once in a while. Because leaving a house the same for so long, causes the house to slowly rust and break. So I do believe love exists, but I believe that only few know how to keep it existing. Because love is much more than ‘I love you’, it’s all about the levels of floors you decide to conquer and overcome while still managing to be and stay in love.


antique-close-up-decoration-532420Hate will never stop, jealousy will always live, negativity will always grow, and nobody will truly know. What everyone needs to understand is that nobody has a perfect life. Envy will get you nowhere. Hating on others will only hurt you. Negativity will portray life in a bad light. Nobody will truly know what is going on with you. Try to find love in the things you hate. Ask yourself why you hate them, seeing as hate is a very heavy word. Try to be happy for others instead of envious. Try to be optimistic in a time where all you see are negatives. Try to focus on yourself, rather then wasting your time trying to figure out others’ lives. Trust me, life would be so much easier if we just loved each other rather than hurt one another.