architecture-blue-sky-building-774146Religion is the platform of my everyday life. I never used to pay much attention to my religion or really go into depth on what it was. Throughout my whole life, religion was something that was always there and that I acknowledged but never practiced fully. I never did anything against my religion but I also never tried to learn more or practice it the right way. My life is not perfect nor do I ever claim that it is. Through the years I’ve had many hardships and mountains I’ve needed to overcome. Often times I never knew how to make it over these barriers and I always felt like I was missing guidance and purpose. It took me a while to realize but religion became something I went to for release and guidance. I became more interested- drawn to it in a way. From this I saw an immense change in my spirituality and life. To this day I keep my prayer up. I try to be someone God would be proud of. My religion has taught me so much and I am grateful to have found it through hardships. At some point in life you need to realize there’s a greater purpose and to dive deeper into that purpose for the betterment of yourself. I still have ways to grow in my religion but I am happy with the way my religious journey has taken me so far. If you ever feel lost, alone, scared, broken, or in need of emotional release, I truly believe religion is the best way to go about it. Religion has strengthened my heart and mind and it has touched my soul more deeply than I had ever thought possible.


My Son


“You are the embodiment of my heart, I never knew love could flow through every part. You carry a light that only a painter would dream to capture your art. Where do I start? I’ll start by saying every moment of every second I think of you, ever since I laid  my eyes on you, my life changed drastic hues, no matter what happens there is nothing we can’t get through. I hope I will be the only one you turn to, when you get sad i’ll be the one to hand you a tissue. The moment I held that small little body I knew; that every piece of my heart belongs to you. Never forget mommy loves you, our love will always be true.”-J.V.