antique-close-up-decoration-532420Hate will never stop, jealousy will always live, negativity will always grow, and nobody will truly know. What everyone needs to understand is that nobody has a perfect life. Envy will get you nowhere. Hating on others will only hurt you. Negativity will portray life in a bad light. Nobody will truly know what is going on with you. Try to find love in the things you hate. Ask yourself why you hate them, seeing as hate is a very heavy word. Try to be happy for others instead of envious. Try to be optimistic in a time where all you see are negatives. Try to focus on yourself, rather then wasting your time trying to figure out others’ lives. Trust me, life would be so much easier if we just loved each other rather than hurt one another.

My Son


“You are the embodiment of my heart, I never knew love could flow through every part. You carry a light that only a painter would dream to capture your art. Where do I start? I’ll start by saying every moment of every second I think of you, ever since I laid  my eyes on you, my life changed drastic hues, no matter what happens there is nothing we can’t get through. I hope I will be the only one you turn to, when you get sad i’ll be the one to hand you a tissue. The moment I held that small little body I knew; that every piece of my heart belongs to you. Never forget mommy loves you, our love will always be true.”-J.V.